GAY Money is the first cryptocurrency built for the LGBT community by the LGBT community.

GAY Money specification

Block time: 60 seconds - 10 times faster than Bitcoin
Block size: 50 MB - up to 216,000,000 transactions per day
Interest: 20% p.a. - your wallet must be online
Max coins: 10B - 50% locked to support LGBTQ community
Ports: P2P: 24241 , RPC: 24242

Download your GAY wallet

Choose the link for your operating system. Extract the archived file to your desktop and open the executable file. It may take a few hours for your wallet to synchronize with the network. You may need to make allowances for your firewall and antivirus software.

Building a legacy for the LGBTQ community worldwide

Capital investment in prospective
LGBTQ businesses

Beginning January 2018, we will commence our capital investment program, financing LGBTQ-owned businesses on a global scale. We have established a private fund of 100 million GAY to be invested in primarily online-based services, to be administered by GAY Money, Ltd.

Philanthropic endowments for
LGBTQ organizations and individuals

The GAY Foundation will oversee the measured disbursement of the Foundation Wallet to LGBTQ agencies and individuals worldwide. Open applications for funding will become available December 2017, with the commencement of grant provision to begin January 2018. All applications and decisions will be recorded and made publicly available on Google Docs to certify our thorough approach to project transparency.